A little about the
Texas Association of Professional Geoscientists

It’s An Exciting Time for Geoscientists in the State of Texas!
  After many years of work by several groups and individuals to earn the respect of our peers, we have finally gotten an opportunity to make a difference in Texas. There has been an overwhelming response to this excellent opportunity for geoscientists’ licensure in Texas. The Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG) to date has licensed over 6,700 geoscientists! The TBPG has been working diligently to promote and enhance licensure of geoscientists in Texas. However, in the last two years since the P.G. licensure passed, we’ve come close to losing our professional status through other legislation that would have abolished the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists and lumped P.G. licensing under a “general” non-professional, state licensing department. Through nick-of-time efforts and by dedicated individuals within several geo-organizations, this setback was narrowly avoided. Additionally, it has come to our attention that this effort to abolish the TBPG remains an ongoing effort. This is a wake up call for those who thought P.G. licensing legislation would be a one-time, good-forever accomplishment. If we want to preserve our hard-won professional status and prosper, then continual vigilance and active promotion of issues important to Texas P.G.s is absolutely critical.

The above stated concerns bring us to the Texas Association of Professional Geoscientists (TAPG). Until now, TAPG’s overriding objective was the passage of P.G. licensing legislation. TAPG worked tirelessly in that effort, sometimes independently but often closely with leaders of the traditional geological, geophysical and soil science organizations. Only at the end of this long journey, when members of all the different geoscience organizations pulled together in unison, were we successful as a profession. Let us learn from this valuable teamwork lesson and build on that success, consolidate our gains and insure that we continue to speak with a unified political voice. Now is the time for TAPG to fully become the service organization that all geoscientists in Texas need, and we need your help to accomplish this goal. In unity is our strength! 

TAPG is a non-profit Texas corporation, chartered and operated as a political interest group. The TAPG is an organization comprised of geoscientists with a common sense approach to the furtherance of our primary mission, to promote the professional practice of the geosciences in Texas and to maintain the highest standard of care for the profession. This is an expensive and time-consuming task, and as a professional geoscientist, your membership support in the TAPG is greatly needed right now. Dues are now $80.00 annually, less than 22 cents per day. All dues will stay in Texas to support licensing of geoscientists in this great state. So, for a very small expenditure, you will have a voice and advocate in Austin and at other public forums and interest to geoscientists. Now is the time to join TAPG so that your political voice and opinions regarding the future of our profession are heard with strength at the Capitol. Please support our profession as geoscientists in Texas by joining the TAPG today.