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State of Texas Geoscientist 

Texas Web Site

Texas House of Representatives

Texas Senate

Texas State Agencies

Legislative Information  (Bills, Sessions & Calendars)

Federal Government Links

US House of Representatives

US Senate

Federal Links  (Government Information Exchange GXI)



Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute (EMGI)

DGS (Dallas Geological Society) 

DGGS (Dallas Geological Geophyscial Society)

HGS (Houston Geological Society)

STGS (South Texas Geological Society)

AGS (Austin Geological Society)

CCGS (Corpus Christi Geological Society)

ETGS (East Texas Geological Society)

EPGS (El Paso Geological Society)

FWGS (Fort Worth Geological Society)

NTGS (North Texas Geological Society)

WTGS (West Texas Geological Society)

Professional Soil Scientists Association of Texas (PSSAT)

National Geoscientist Links

FAPG (Florida Association of Professional Geologists) 

National Ground Water Association (NGWA)

Hydrology Web (Lots of good links)

USGS (United States Geological Survey)

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Texas P.G. Stamps & Seal