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The TAPG's primary purpose has always been to remain politically active in order to maintain the sovereignty of Professional Geoscientists as set forth in the "Bill" that we all struggled so hard to pass. There is an old saying in Texas, "If you are not involved in politics, then you are not in business". The last legislative session brutally illustrated our need to maintain a strong organization we can count on for effective political action. The TAPG has always been organized to derive its power from the loyal support and "eternal vigilance" of all Texas Licensed Professional Geoscientists. The engineers have known and taken full advantage of this concept for many years. They have two powerful organizations to guarantee success. One of them is a national political group that influences federal policies in Washington D.C., which is exactly what the geoscientists in our nation should be focused on today. We should never let apathy prevent us from reaching our goals. It is time for us to focus on the real need and act. Our job is not over, its has just begun.

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